Insomnia Cookies Launches New Research & "Doughvelopment" Lab

Insomnia Cookies Launches New Research & "Doughvelopment" Lab

June 22, 2020
Buckle up, Insomniacs. Please keep all hands and feet inside the metaphorical cookie canoe at all times. You've just scored a glimmering purple ticket to tour the new command center for all things Insomniac Innovation. 

We are proud to introduce our new R&D department, CookieLab. CookieLab is the newest ground-breaking initiative for the Insomnia Cookies brand – a playground for cookievation, or as we like to call it, cookie “research & doughvelopment”. 

CookieLab Research & Doughvelopment experts will be tirelessly imagining what’s possible as they push the limits of Insomnia Cookies’ never-ending mission to be the best darn cookies on the planet. This test space is staffed with a team of dedicated mad scientists, chocoholics, makers and bakers dreaming up drool-worthy desserts, baking warm, melty-licious menu items, and crafting craveable new cookie releases you can only get at Insomnia Cookies – a dream kitchen where our cookie geniuses can cookie-fy to their heart’s content. And, in true Insomniac fashion, sleep just isn’t in their vocabulary, so expect non-stop cookie creations released throughout the year keeping you and your taste buds on a sweet, sweet roller coaster ride of unexpected flavors.

The best part? We're ditching the whole secret-mysterious-candy-factory vibes. Everyone has maximum cookie clearance in CookieLab! We'll be sharing all the glorious cookievation that goes down in CookieLab with our Insomniacs every step of the way. 

To kick off the launch of CookieLab properly, we're releasing our first cookie creation – introducing The Fluffernutter cookie from CookieLab! Consider this throwback snack officially cookie-fied. Get lost in the nostalgic combination of dreamy marshmallow fluff and velvety peanut butter. Now available to order through our website, our app, or in our stores.